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Emphasized Quality Assurance and Control.

George Brown Associates, Inc. (GBA) maintains quality assurance as an integral part of our culture.


Corporate Commitment to Quality Assurance

Corporate Commitment

Quality assurance is an integral part of GBA culture. The effectiveness of our relationship with our clients is contingent up on the commitment to quality by our management staff. GBA emphasizes and maintains quality assurance and control systems to assure the effective and efficient operation of all of our collection and support operations.

Quite simply, we do not allow for anything but the highest quality work. We have found it less expensive to do things right the first time, and this is a core element of our corporate culture.

The many specific quality control checks currently in place are a standard adjunct to any GBA services contract. Additional quality control procedures can be established depending up on your current and ongoing needs and requirements.

We look forward to and encourage interaction and feedback from our clients, which we consider absolutely essential for any agency to maintain superlative service.

Quality Assurance Is An Integral Part of the GBA Culture

Without a strong commitment to exceptional quality from everyone involved, quality control, in any real sense, does not exist. Accordingly, several elements are critical in order for quality assurance to be an effective and dependable reality:

  • Senior management must be dedicated to the highest quality possible and must lead by example.
  • Agency personnel must be selected carefully. They must have personal standards and characteristics conducive to the performance of quality work.
  • All personnel must be properly trained. They must be taught the necessary skills to do the right job, and the value of high quality work.
  • Continuing and consistent support of high-quality work must be provided by all levels of management. Working conditions must reflect our corporate dedication to quality.
  • Because performing at the highest quality levels is more difficult than simply meeting minimum standards, everyone must be motivated properly
  • People must be rewarded for good work. Raises, promotions, bonuses, and recognition must all clearly support high levels of performance; and when they do, the best people grow with our agency, and provide ongoing, exemplary leadership.

Long-Term Quality Client Partnerships

GBA has practiced these principles since our inception, and they have been major factors supporting our organization’s sustained growth. Our clients will attest that the effect of our commitment to quality is probably best seen in both our performance and our long-term quality client partnerships.

We cannot emphasize too strongly, that one of the most important phases of quality assurance is preparation, which is why our initial meeting is focused on clearly identifying the key elements our relationship will be built on; such as your performance goals, your policies and procedures, your needs and requirements, how you would like to see your current agency relationships improved, and what GBA would need to provide to your department that would justify utilizing our services. As previously stated, specific quality procedures uniquely necessary for your department will be developed and implemented as needed.

Quality Assurance is a GBA Guarantee

How GBA’s Quality Management Team interfaces with your management team is one of the most important aspects of our operational policy and procedures.

In addition to managing the “boarding process” of integrating each new client’s needs and requirements into GBA’s procedures; this team will interact with your management and staff on a regular basis.

GBA’s commitment to quality is ingrained into every employee, from the moment they are hired. Our job is to serve our clients. Our commitment is to the success and strength of your department and your organization.

GBA is a “service business,” and we embrace that in every respect. Our job is to serve our clients.

To understand what that means for each individual client, we cannot emphasize enough that we encourage open and active feedback both during the implementation phase of a new contract, and on an ongoing basis as well.

We believe that to be the definition of a quality collection partner.

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