Patient Relations &
Client Service

Protecting the Humanitarian Image of our clients.

George Brown Associates, Inc. (GBA) utilizes a non-confrontational method to encourage cooperation.


How Does GBA Protect Our clients?

Protecting the humanitarian image of our clients in every way.

GBA has very high Quality Assurance standards to ensure we are in compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), HIPAA, and all applicable laws and regulations, while providing outstanding customer service. In the rare instance that a GBA employee is not meeting these standards, we are aware of the situation immediately and resolve any problem that exists.

GBA has never been censured or fined or had our doors closed for even one day, since our inception in 1975.

One of the primary reasons is GBA’s compassionate collection approach. GBA long ago divorced ourselves from the “firm demand” collection approach that defines most collection agencies. Our non-confrontational method encourages cooperation, not confrontation – resulting in a patient complaint ratio that is one of the lowest in the history of the collection industry.

Patient Relations

Why is compassion good business? Because long ago, we came to the realization that an agency does not collect more money by being confrontational with a patient. Unlike most other debt, medical bills are unforeseen, unplanned, and often catastrophic for a family. Medical bills can be complex and difficult to understand for the average patient. Our advocacy approach builds good will and, time and time again, has proven to result in higher recoveries as well.

Nationwide, medical providers today are experiencing significant increases in unpaid deductibles and balances after insurance. Many patients faced with mandatory health insurance simply chose the plan with he lowest monthly premium, and the high deductibles associated with those plans has left many patients in stressed financial circumstances. The impact of that has made many patients disillusioned or even angry. GBA Compassionate Collections creates opportunity to work with the patient, explore payment options, council them as to financial resources, etc. Appreciative patients are more cooperative, which benefits everyone.

Today’s reality has created a far greater emphasis on patient contact than in previous years, as the increase in high deductibles is impacting healthcare providers from coast to coast.

Positive patient relations is now more important than ever, and GBA prides ourselves in being a true quality partner for our clients in this regard.

“Compassionate Collections” means that we treat your patients like “customers,” with cooperation and respect as we work together to help them resolve their account.

We have a team leader on the floor working alongside account representatives and monitoring calls to ensure collectors are following FDCPA, as well as other office policies.

Why is Compassion Good Business?

Compassion is good business because the benefits go beyond higher recoveries with no complaints.

Unlike the confrontational “Firm Demand” approach used by most agencies, our non-confrontational collection approach also makes for a more rewarding work environment.

GBA’s “Compassionate Collections” contributes to an extremely high employee retention rate. Happy, experienced (and well trained) collectors lead to a higher level of employee satisfaction, and happy employees lead to happy clients.

Our employee manual has additional compliance information and all collectors adhere to. ACA Collectors Pledge:

  • I believe every person has worth as an individual.
  • I believe every person should be treated with dignity and respect.
  • I will make it my responsibility to help consumers find ways to pay their just debts.
  • I will be professional and ethical.
  • I will commit to honoring this pledge.

Client Service

Because we recognize that quality of service is just as important as recovery performance; GBA conducts in-depth analysis of each and every individual client’s specific needs, requirements, and goals. Without a clear understanding of your definition of success, it is impossible to build a pro-active, responsive service around your needs and requirements.

One of the most common issues our clients tell us they face with other agencies is those agencies’ success factors are defined by the agency’s definition of success, not the client’s. This flies in the face of everything we believe in regarding what it means to be in a service business. Excellent communication and “transparency” are essential to a meaningful quality partnership.

Client Service Team

Your Client Service Team will be headed by a Client Relations Manager who will be the direct link between your management staff and GBA. We have experienced great success by adapting a pro-active mindset to client service.

Our team will interact directly with your management and staff during regular tele-conferences and meetings. An integral part of the team’s mission will be to interact directly with you regarding our performance.

For example, our Quality team will seek feedback from your management and staff regarding service issues/functions, such as:


  • "Are GBA;s monthly reports in 100% compliance with your needs?"
  • "Is there any information or statistics GBA could provide for you which you are not currently receiving?"


  • "Has there been any positive or negative feedback from patients regarding their contact with GBA?"


  • "How does GBA's recovery rate compare to other agencies?"


  • "Did our last meeting produce the desired results?"

We have found that our diligence in seeking objective feedback has been indispensable in maintaining superior pro-active, responsive service to each of our clients, as well as creating an open and transparent communication atmosphere which our clients say consistently exceeds their expectations.

The result is that we pride ourselves in being a “user-friendly” agency, focused always on making your job easier.

Implementation and Staffing

GBA views any implementation as a partnership. Our implementation plans are executed once we have developed a results-targeted action plan with appropriate timelines. This is a team effort that facilitates communication and implementation on the plan once completed.

Start Up and Implementation Process

GBA creates a new project team for each new client. This team is staffed with experienced billing, collections and support personnel. The team is directed by a contract manager and supported by seasoned veterans. Continual communication between our staff and yours ensures we stay on the same page with target dates, goals and understanding each other’s processes and procedures.

Training GBA Staff: New Client Requirements

Various managers participate in our training sessions. This ensures subject matter experts are the communicators of this important information.


  • Contractual Requirements
  • New Client Management and Staff Orientation
    • Communications
    • Personnel
  • Debtor Confidentiality
  • Information Security
  • Client Statement Forms and Records
  • Collection Performance Goals and Expectations
  • Client Payment Procedures
  • Client Compromise Settlement Parameters

Self-Pay Staff

We believe a positive environment creates positive results. Year after year, we consistently have one of the highest employee retention rates in the collection industry. From our positive collection methods, to bonus and fringe benefits plans, we have created a positive, productive environment for our collectors and staff.

To our clients, this means an underlying devotion to their needs, and a beneficial relationship between our client and GBA. The cornerstone of any self-pay collection operation is the collector. At GBA we offer collectors solid compensation plans, together with incentive programs and benefits. The result is a highly professional, experienced, cooperative team focused on reducing our client’s administrative burden.

Pre-Placement Start-Up Session

Prior to the first placement of your accounts, we will conduct a project management review and start-up session with you and your staff. These start-up sessions are an essential component of GBA’s standard procedures, in order to establish the following:

  • Specific collection or billing "strategies" customized for your accounts
  • A final review of your service requirements and work standards
  • Review communication procedures and personnel (service dept.)
  • Review quality control measures and procedures
  • Review collection goals
  • Confirm placement media, volume, and collection procedures
  • Review Monthly Reports with designated recipients
  • Review Data Security procedures
  • Final review with the client occurs prior to the first placement of accounts


Our goal is to minimize the workload of your staff and keep account questions/disputes/complaints to an absolute minimum. At GBA, we believe in total transparency. All collection calls are recorded. Our clients never have to guess as to what is going on with any account. In addition to detailed reports, we provide clients with on-line access 24/7/365. Essentially, you have on-line audit capability at all times.

The most common day-to-day communications are those between support staff regarding patient questions and accounting issues. GBA can communicate via our toll-free number, regular or encrypted email, SFTP, secure client portal and faxing.

Requests for dispute verification of balances or itemizations of charge will be communicated according to your preferences.

Reducing Your Administrative Burden
while increasing recoveries.