Wide Variety of
effective tools

Providing a Compassionate Collection approach.

George Brown Associates, Inc. (GBA) offers a wide variety of effective state-of-the-art accounts receivable management tools, including: Extended Business Office Functions, Early-Out, and Consulting/Training, in addition to our bad debt collection programs.


Combining Technology with Humanity

Reducing Your Administrative Burden while increasing recoveries.

Services Include:

  • Early Out Recovery (1st Results division)
  • Self-Pay Collections
  • First Party Insurance Recovery
  • Pre-collection Letter Series
  • Payment Plan Coupon Books
  • Revenue Cycle Management Consulting
  • Collection Training Seminars
  • Extended Business Office
  • 1st Results Extended Business Office (EBO)

Combining Technology with Humanity

1st Results is more than just an outsourced billing and accounts receivable management company. 1st Results can manage the entire system which impacts your bottom line from the patient’s initial contact to a paid-in-full account. The process is managing your hospital/medical practice’s revenue cycle starts before the patient visit and ends when there is a zero-balance owed to you. As simple as this sounds on paper, we’re sure you know from experience the complications and added stress the collection process can have on your time, resources, and positive patient relations.

The additional time inevitably required to effectively manage your revenue cycle can translate into additional costs, over-worked staff, and frustrated patients. 1st Results enables you to focus on patient care and activities that generate revenue for your office, while our professional billing staff and “Compassionate Collection Approach” reduces your receivables while building patient good-will.

Medical Billing

1st Results is a full-service medical billing company. Our extended business office services focus on resolving AR before it is written off to bad debt. From insurance balances to self-pay, we offer a wide range of services designed to be a true extension of your office.

Facilities and physicians choose 1st Results because of our results in pre-collection and follow-up that actually builds good will with commercial payers. Why do our processors work so well? First, our staff are highly trained, experienced billers. Second, we are committed to adding qualified staff as we grow in order to keep billing and collection representatives from becoming overloaded, and monitor workload and productivity, making caseload adjustments as needed. And third, our innovative compassionate approach with patients is a non-confrontational, cooperative, approach that works with the patient to help them resolve their account, regardless of the stage the account is in.

1st Results is the billing company for practices that would benefit from:

  • Fewer Denials, Increased Revenue, Faster Cash Flow
  • Monitor every claim and every stage of your medical billing with robust reporting tools and real-time updates.
  • Exceptional Patient Customer Service as well as Client Service

We become an extension of your practice, focused on increasing your revenue and efficiency.

Coding and Clinical Documentation

Our Clinical Documentation Improvement Team is composed of certified Coding & Credentialed Clinical Documentation Improvement Professionals.

This Team can significantly improve clinical documentation, ensuring it fully and accurately reflects the severity of illness, complexity of care, and resources consumed.

Our CDI and Coding professionals will bridge the gap between clinicians, the coding and billing system; increasing and capturing appropriate reimbursement for services provided.

1st Results provides the skills necessary to achieve the most accurate documentation and coding.

1st Results provides medical coding services to physician practices across most specialties, employing credentialed and experienced coders to address your medial coding needs. The 1st Results Team delivers fast and compliant coding services and always backs up our advice with source documentation so you can be assured our advice is accurate and is defensible. 1st Results can provide you and your organization with coding support on a per question, interim, or long-term (partnership) basis.

Interim Coding Assistance

Unexpected things happen. Backlogs occur. 1st Results can provide your organization with interim coding or coding management services when you need them the most. All of our coders are certified and have multiple years of experience to serve our clients’ needs.

Subscription Coding Support

Coding questions and claim issues are unavoidable. Having a reliable source for your coding questions will save you time and effort. When they come up, let 1st Results be your “go to” source for answers.


1st Results Consultants have worked with health systems for corporate offices, regional offices, facilities and specialty services, providing consultative services to hundreds of healthcare facilities in the US and South America.

We have worked at all US healthcare facility types including University, Non-for-Profit, Investor-Owned (for profit), FQHC facilities, Community, Outpatient facilities, Physician Medical Practices, and Critical Access within urban and rural environments.

1st Results Consultants are highly experienced in the development and refinement of processes, procedures, performance metrics, programs, and outcome measures for organization.

Our consultants’ extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in various management and healthcare settings delivers thorough evaluations and options for improving the efficiency of the entire business office.

Reducing Your Administrative Burden
while increasing recoveries.