How Collections
Is Done

Providing clients with reliable solutions since 1975.

George Brown Associates, Inc. will listen, respond and provide an effective and professional collections solution.

Since 1975, George Brown Associates (GBA), based in Charlotte, NC, has excelled in providing their clients with a cost-effective accounts receivable solution. GBA maintains a telephone-focused approach to collection recovery and utilizes a seamless and state-of-the-art call center.


A New Look at Agency Relationships: What Makes GBA Unique?

We Are Redefining How Collections Is Done

We hope you will give us the opportunity to tailor a program that will enable us to deliver on your definition of the ideal agency relationship.

True Collaboration: No Canned Sales Pitches - No Empty Sales Claims

We respect your time and your importance to your department. We will never subject you to canned sales pitches and we do not make empty promises or unsupported "sales" claims. What we can guarantee, however, is a total commitment to work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to develop the relationship you want.

Our clients tell us out dedication to quality and excellence has consistently kept us a step above our competition. This is because our clients define quality, not us. Our job is to understand and embrace that definition and do everything within our power to deliver on that expectation every single day.

At GBA, Compassion Is Good Business

Relationship building is both a core capability and a key for us of our entire organization. Whether it is patients or clients, what makes GBA unique is the way we treat people. Many agencies have solid technology, healthcare experience, and abide by the FDCPA. We feel a true quality partnership with an agency takes much more than that and believe in taking client relationships to a whole new level, in which excellence is defined by the client.


Extensive Healthcare Recoveries Experience

Our focus is and has always been healthcare. We provide a comprehensive array of services from EBO functions to Insurance billing, self-pay collections, and revenue cycle consulting.

We leverage decades of experience in revenue cycle management on your behalf. When utilizing our services, you received professional, end-to-end solutions that are compliance based and focused on outstanding patient relations.

Industry Best Practices - Maximum Recoveries

GBA develops performance-based solutions using industry best practices that define the highest standard of integrity and ethical conduct. Our background and experience providing Bad Dept & Early-Out services to healthcare clients allow us to apply the appropriate skills and resources to achieve maximum recoveries. This combines with our truly positive collection approach.